Live Tweeting: Art With a Story, a Just Kids Partnership project

23 Oct

Last night I had the great pleasure to live tweet an event at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD. The event, Art with a Story, was a multimedia fundraising event featuring visual and performance art to honor Youth Justice Awareness month. I was invited to the event by fellow Public Allies Maryland (and AmeriCorps) Alum, Shannon Daley.

About the Just Kids Partnership: Just Kids is a campaign working to change the way youth charged as adults are treated in the Maryland justice system through policy change, community organizing and public education.

Their goals are threefold: (1) reduce the number of youth who are charged and tried as adults; (2) advocate for policies that transfer fewer youth to the adult criminal justice system; and (3) increase the number of safe and effective community-based programs and practices that serve youth who are accused of serious offenses.

Here’s the social media roundup from the event:

For more information check out these links:

Personal Branding 101 – The 2014 Update

22 Oct

Today I presented the 2014 update to my original Personal Branding 101 workshop. The interactive workshop is set for two hours and involves participants completing a workbook filled with materials and additional resources about branding tailored specifically for the audience. If you’re interested in bringing this to your conference, organization, or AmeriCorps program, contact me!

Follow along with the hashtag #PAMDbrand

Using Instagram to Grow Your Blog or Personal Brand

1 Oct


Thinking a lot about how to use instagram to build my personal brand, this post is great!

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

Some of you may not use Instagram as actively as others, but even if you’re not an addict of the app, it might offer a new outlet to build your blog and personal brand. After all, your blog is just one aspect of you — if you’re on Instagram, perhaps you can find ways to bridge these two networks and grow your online presence.

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Transition Announcement: Graduated from Hopkins, Working at National Summer Learning Association

18 Aug
Though some may already be aware, I’m writing to let you know that after two wonderful and challenging years I’ve graduated from The Institute of Health and Social Policy at Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s in Public Policy. My time at Hopkins was a truly fantastic experience, thank you to everyone I had the pleasure of working and learning with.
Immediately following my graduation from Hopkins I accepted the position of Program Quality and Evaluation Manager at The National Summer Learning Association. In this position I lead NSLA’s work on formative evaluations and assessments and support all the major program quality initiatives across the US. This summer I’ve traveled all over the country from New York to Kentucky to California working to build high quality summer learning programs. I love seeing amazing programs on the ground, without having to be the one responsible for running the program itself. It’s definitely a change from my days managing volunteers and running after-school programs, but my evaluation work allows me to stay connected to young people while making a larger impact on education (specifically the achievement gap and summer learning loss) at the national level. It’s truly a win-win for me! 
I am also happy to announce that after my wedding this summer, I will now be using my married name Dara Murray. You can keep in touch via LinkedIn ( or Twitter ( 
Thanks for you continued support. I hope to hear from you soon!

My 8 Year List

30 Jul

Try to practice yoga regularly (defined as twice a week)

Start a new book every time I finish one

Visit the Grand Canyon

Hike! (once a month, when the weather is nice)

Visit Colorado to do Colorado-y things

Actually fix that knee and run a half marathon

Say yes to everything for a day and maybe say yes to doing it again

Work no more than 40 hours a week

Try to transition to working one day at home a week


Visit with Mom & Dad once a month

Go to Tibet

Drive Across the Country

Ride an Elephant

Visit San Francisco

Be in the audience of The Price is Right

Reach my ideal weight without sacrificing my love for food

Swim with a whale

Swim with a manatee

Swim with a sea lion

Climb a legit mountain

Ride in a hot air balloon

See the Northern Lights

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Go on a meditation vacation… and figure out fully what that means

Try the sensory deprivation chamber

Audition for community theater

Hike the Inca Trail and Visit Machu Picchu

Take Andy to the number one place he wants to go and create the perfect vacation for him and don’t complain once

Climb a tree

Stay somewhere other than Baltimore for a few months

Visit Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos once that area gets it together

Buy a new car

Spend New Year with no one but Andy in a foreign place

Try skiing (and don’t get hurt!)

Live in a place where I can plant things in the ground

See the Great Wall of China

See a salt flat

Float in the dead sea

Go in a natural hot spring

Go somewhere cold during winter

Go somewhere warm during winter

Take a vacation with my family and Andy’s family

Join a CSA (even a half!)

Visit Bali

Unplug for 24 hours

Unplug for 48 hours

Unplug for 1 week

(to be continued)

What is a Career Launching Resume and why should you use one?

2 Apr

Recently during a roundtable discussion about personal branding I was asked: “What should I do if my experience isn’t exactly linear or it’s not obvious that I have the skills necessary for the job?” My answer: forget the traditional resume and use a Career Launching Resume (CLR).


Unlike traditional resumes that are linear and based around where you worked and when, with a career launching resume you can highlight previous experience that is directly connected to the job you’re applying for. This is especially important for college students and recent graduates. When you’re in college, you’re most likely working random jobs or internships that may not go together or show a clear career path. You’re trying out different positions, industries, and organizations maybe only for a few months at a time. Therefore, a traditional linear resume is not the answer; what you want to send to potential employers is a Career Launching Resume (CLR).

Key Elements of a Career Launching Resume

It highlights your life experience, not your work experience

Why stuff your volunteer experience all the way at the bottom of your résumé, especially if it’s the most relevant to your potential job? Your volunteer and extra-curricular experiences are indicators of your potential in the workplace. Plus, the experience you gained through those activities is often more relevant than the experience or training gained in paid (but unrelated) work.

It focuses on your greatest assets and achievements

If the job you are applying for wants management skills, give data that shows what the team or project you managed accomplished, how you increased sales, or how you followed through with a successful project. Connect what you did and who you are with what the organization wants. This is where a strong personal brand can really help you craft your career launching resume.

It demonstrates your authentic interest in the role you’re applying for

Be explicit: how do your experiences connect with the mission of the organization? Highlight any experience (academic, extra-curricular, volunteer, internship, etc.) related to the position.

It’s written like a sales proposal and the product is you

In the end you are marketing a product: you! It is crucial that the packaging is put together and there are no surprises (think about the three C’s). What is your best presentation? Think about your personal brand and make sure your résumé highlights your brand and backs it up with specific examples.

Straying from the traditional resume can be scary and controversial. I argue that these days it’s hard to get a job without a personal connection, so you might as well do what you can to market yourself and stand out in a tough job market. For college students and recent graduates, this is especially important because you may not have the real-world experience to prove that you have the skills necessary for the job. Do you want more information about a career launching resume? Contact me and I can help you craft a resume destined for success!

What do you think about a career launching resume vs. a traditional resume? Share your answers in the comments!

My Application for Public Allies

31 Mar
Everyone Leads!

Everyone Leads!

Recently when I decided to change the name of my blog, I began thinking about how I started this journey. July 7, 2009 22 year old me applied to Public Allies New York and was rejected. They’re an incredibly competitive site and I was a new graduate living in New Jersey applying after the priority deadline. The problem was that I had found out about Public Allies too late! Luckily I didn’t give up and next year applied to Public Allies Maryland and was accepted into this life-changing and amazing program. With the application process open for Public Allies this year, I will be reflecting on and posting about how I became an AmeriCorps member at Public Allies Maryland over the next few weeks. To start this process, I want to share my first application.

Looking at the answers to these questions I am so happy I had two years with Public Allies Maryland to better define my personal mission and goals. I also had the opportunity to learn about other social problems in a real world context and serve and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Make sure to check out the last question about my definition of community.

Sample Answers from my Public Allies New York Application 2009

Please list your educational and career goals

I hope to work in the non-profit sector for the next one to three years and then I want to attend law school so I can better serve those in need. My interests involve education and grassroots organizing around reproductive health, domestic violence, sexual assault and LGBTQ rights.  I am interested in working with people in general, but specifically women, teens, and girls. While in law school I hope to get a fellowship that deals with the issues I am passionate about and I then plan to use my law degree to help people who are discriminated against. Eventually I would like to return to the non-profit sector, not necessarily in a legal capacity, but as a vice-president, president, director or executive director.  This way I can change the world in a larger sense and also help others realize their dreams and goals to change the world as I have been helped.

See more answers below the break!

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The Three C’s of Personal Branding

30 Mar
The Three C's of Personal Branding

The Three C’s of Personal Branding

A simple way to craft a strong personal brand is to use the three C’s of personal branding. This concept was first coined by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson in their book Career Distinction: Stand out by building your brand. Want to know more about the three C’s of personal branding? Keep reading!

The three C’s of personal branding stand for: clarity, consistency, and constancy.

  • Clarity – be clear about who you are, who you are not, who your audience is, and what differentiates you from the pack.
  • Consistency –always express your brand the same way across all communication channels, both online and offline.
  • Constancy – strong brands are always visible to their target audience.

To make sure you’re using the three C’s of personal branding ask yourself these questions:

  • Clear – Check with the people who know you best or ask for feedback from me or other professionals in your field: does your brand make sense? Is your brand easy to understand?
  • Consistent – Are you a different person online than you are offline? If so, your brand is not consistent. Does your personal brand encompass all of your interests, passions, and goals? If so, you’re on the right track!
  • Constant – Are you googling yourself? (if not… do it! now!) Do you find anything on the first page? Do you find any negative information? Remember, finding nothing bad when you google yourself isn’t enough, you want anyone who googles you to find great content that accurately portrays your personal brand.

By using the three C’s you will keep yourself engaged (continuously learning about your field, passions, and interests) and stand out among the competition in a tough job market.

Want to learn more about the three c’s? Get more information from the source!

Personal Branding: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

30 Mar

I got a tweet from one of the participants in my personal branding workshop last week. She ordered her first set of personal business cards from Love when my participants follow their action plans and get serious about personal branding!

Reblog from Volunteer Maryland: The Strength of Branding

29 Mar


Kelly not only attended, but organized the personal branding roundtable discussion yesterday on behalf of AmeriCorps Alums Baltimore. (She also baked a delicious cake for all of us to enjoy!) In her post for Volunteer Maryland’s fantastic blog, she talks about some of the key aspects of personal branding (including the three C’s of personal branding) and provides some excellent examples that give personal branding real-world context. Thanks for sharing Kelly!

Originally posted on Volunteer Maryland:

Yesterday, I got to hear a great presentation from an AmeriCorps alum, Dara Goldberg, on personal branding.  While “personal branding” is a hot buzzword that a people tend to love or hate, what it really refers to is deliberately designing your reputation.  What do you want to be known for?  How do you want people to talk about you when you’re out of the room?

To create a strong personal brand, Dara stated that you need to have the 3 Cs: be clear in what your central message is, consistent in repeating that message, and constant in getting it out there for people to hear and remember.

Taking the idea of branding back to it roots as a marketing tool for companies, I started thinking about how I had seen branding taking place at some of Volunteer Maryland’s partner sites.  How had I seen Volunteer Maryland Coordinators employ branding…

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